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Mukul, a six year old boy, is obsessed with drawing pictures of a golden fortress, and claims to have lived there in a past life. Hoping to better understand the boy's condition, parapsychologist Dr. Hajra accompanies Mukul to search for the fortress. However, a newspaper story alerts a pair of crooks to the possibility of a hidden treasure. The boy's father fears Mukul is in danger, and hires private detective Prodosh "Feluda" Mitra and his cousin Topshe to join Hajra and Mukul in Rajasthan. But the danger may already be closer then they realize. A fake Hajra appears in front of Felu with Mandar Bose. Mandar tries kill Pradosh but fails and dies himself.

Setting[edit | edit source]

-Calcutta (Kolkata nowadays)



Characters[edit | edit source]

-Pradosh Chandra (feluda) Mitter


-Lalmohan (Jatayu) Ganguli

-Mandar Bose

-Dr. Hajra

-Fake of Dr. Hazra

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The golden Fortress

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The Sonar Kella movie was made in the studio for the non- fortresses, and out of the studio for the fortresses, in the real place. Neelu was changed to Mukul in the movie.

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The book, IMDB

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